Talk of The Town

Talk of the Town is a monthly interview show about current matters facing the Town. In this 1 hour show, the Town Administrator hosts new Town Department Heads or key staff to introduce them to the Town, interviews special guests to discuss matters ranging from their ongoing activities to new or challenging issues they face to the many articles on a Town Meeting Warrant.

These shows may be viewed on local cable Channel 8, which is our Town's public access channel, or by going to the YouTube Channel maintained by the Templeton Cable Advisory Committee.

Some recent shows are:

Talk of the Town - State of the Town, with SelectBoard Chairman, John Caplis

Talk of the Town - Town Meetings, with Town Clerk, Carol Harris, and Town Moderator, Derek Hall

Talk of the Town with Veterans Services Director, Sheila Pelletier

Talk of the Town with Community Services Director, Jackie Prime

Talk of the Town with Council On Aging Director, Dianna Morrison

Talk of the Town with Development Services Director, Laurie Wiita

Talk of the Town with Fire Chief Dave Dickie

State of the Town with John Caplis, Chairman of the Board of Selectmen

Talk of the Town with guest, NRSD Superintendent, Dr. Christopher Casavant 

If you have questions after viewing any episode or wish to make a suggestion on a topic of interest to you, please click here to email the Town Administrator.

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