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Marilyn Monroe by Theresia - Twilite Lounge May 11, 2018
We want to thank the Templeton Culutural Council for the grant that funded this performance. 
This event was made possible with many thanks to the Templeton Cultural Council, a local agency which is suported by...
Pictures...... old and new of the Town of Templeton, its villages, events, people and places. 
Thank you to the Templeton Police Department for another fabulous evening! 
Beautiful Otter River
Otter River
Located approximately 10 miles west of Gardner and 50 miles from Boston, Templeton is situated 100 feet above sea level...
Beginning the process
The process of building the playground and the finished product
A lot of hard work and materials went in to building this playground for all of Templeton's children and families...
Scout Hall
East Templeton Center’s most notable landmarks included the East Templeton Methodist Church (built in 1843), now...
Baldwinville Center
Pictures of Baldwinville
Bob Pease and Roger Henshaw catch up.
Watch for more to come, as we proceed to work toward final identification of several Landscapes for greater exploration...