Mission Statement

Mission Statement


Our Mission


To create an environment where service to the community is paramount and crime and fear is non-existent.


We Value


Innovation, Cooperation, Accountability, Service, Commitment, Compassion, Leadership, Trust, and Integrity.


Key Strategies


  • Utilize problem-solving techniques to address the root causes of crime and disorder.
  • In the spirit of mutual responsibility, partner with neighborhoods and businesses to identify and solve problems that lead to crime.
  • Promptly review crime trends, develop reduction strategies and thoroughly evaluate results.
  • Build a tradition of relentless law enforcement and strong sense of service.
  • Respect our community by protecting the constitutional rights of all individuals.
  • Foster an organizational culture that values integrity, accountability, and ethical decision-making.
  • Effectively communicate with all members of our organization.
  • Continually review training and personnel development programs to ensure employees are prepared to provide quality service.