Back Bay Construction Update

Construction on Phase 4 of the Back Bay Infrastructure Project is complete. We thank the residents of Back Bay for their patience throughout the construction process. The project was a tremendous success and should provide residents with safe, reliable infrastructure for years to come.

The next phase of Back Bay construction is slated for Spring 2013. Phase 5 will rebuild the entire length of Fisher Street. New drainage, water mains, paving, guardrails, and curbs will be installed as well as a sidewalk from Elm Street to Forest Street. Abutters will be notified when we have an update on the construction schedule for the Spring.

Please check back for periodic updates concerning the construction schedule leading up to the start of work in April. Residents will be notified of a project kick-off meeting where the construction team will be available for questions and will provide details of the project. Construction is not expected to impact school bus routes or trash collection. If there is concern about children needing to walk through or near the construction area to meet the bus, please contact the Community Development Office or the Selectmen’s Office.

The Town intends to apply for grant funding to rebuild Memorial Street as Phase 6 – the final stage of Back Bay improvements. The grant application is due this winter and awards will be announced in the summer of 2013. We need help from Back Bay residents to support this project. Please contact the Community Development Office to find out ways to help reach the goal of completing this 8-year project. Letters, petitions, public hearing attendance – they all help!

If you have any questions or concerns, please call one of the following departments:

General project management questions or concerns:
Templeton Community Development Office:978-939-5350

Water service related questions:
Templeton Municipal Light and Water: 978-939-5323

Paving and drainage questions:
Templeton Highway Department:  978-939-8666

All other concerns:
Templeton Board of Selectmen: 978-939-8801

NOTE: In case of a water-related emergency outside of normal business hours, please call the Templeton Police at 978-939-5638. 

The Town of Templeton has contracted with Community Opportunities Group, Inc. as project managers for the grant-funded infrastructure work currently being done in Back Bay and the Baldwinville Village Housing Rehabilitation Program. For information about Community Opportunities Group, Inc., please visit their website at:

The town has contracted with Weston & Sampson Engineers to provide design, engineering, and Clerk of the Works services for the Back Bay project. For firm information, please see their Website:

The Back Bay Project General Contractor will be selected in March 2013.

Please note: As construction progresses, the Community Development Office will post regular project updates. The CDO encourages any residents concerned about construction activities to contact the office.