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  • Narragansett Craft Fair
    Click here for information on Narragansett Craft Fair.
  • Tax Title Lien Auction
    A Tax Title Lien Auction is being held on November 5, 2014, at noon, at Kamaloht, 1 North Main Street, East Templeton....
  • Town Hall in East Templeton-
    Templeton Town Hall, located at 160 Patriots Road (former East Templeton School) now holds most of the Town's...

  About Templeton                     

Located just west of Gardner and 50 miles from Boston, Templeton covers approximately 20,000 acres.  Originally laid out in 1733 as Narragansett #6, Templeton was first settled as a result of military soldiers being promised  lands in the area following the war against the Narragansett Indians which terminated in 1675.  It was not until 50 years later, however, in 1728, the promised lands were finally granted, and in 1733, those lands settled by the first families of the township.  In  1762 the township was Incorporated as Templeton; the name changed to Templeton in 1764.    

Thanks to the hard work of countless community volunteers in June & July, 2014, including Town employees, Board & committee members and the donations of time, labor and materials from area businesses, the New Town Hall, located at 160 Patriots Road, East Templeton (the former East Templeton School) is now open.

It has been such a cooperative community effort and the transformation of the former school is proof that Templeton, its villages and its residents truly care for their community!